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Observer return message from VipLive Urgent EPD

Lately, I have been regularly receiving questions from general practitioners about the observation return message from VipLiveSpoedEPD. The return message can be sent to the patient’s own GP in various ways. There are 3 options in VipLiveSpoedEPD:

  1. Only LSP if an LSP file has been retrieved, otherwise Medvry
  2. Via LSP and Medvry if an LSP file has been retrieved, otherwise Medvry
  3. Only through Medvry, never through the LSP

For each GP who has registered patients by name, one of these options is enabled. In the past, option 3 was chosen as the default. At the time, it was considered important that the observation message was not immediately read into the own HIS, including the corresponding ICPC code, which did not always correspond to the code that the GP would have chosen himself. Option 3 was also chosen for the processing process, which differs per option.

However, a number of GPs prefer to use option 1. Option 2 is, I think, not useful because it generates two return messages in the event of a successful LSP search and therefore extra work.

The different HISs have different work processes. You can request clear manuals for this from your own supplier. However, it is important for everyone to read the short Medicom manual/work description (CLICK HERE). It explains the difference between Medvry and LSP message, in addition to the pros and cons of your choice of Medvry or LSP message. If you decide to choose a different option than option 3, you can let me know by sending an e-mail Ulf.Arndt@hpdelimes.nl It is in itself a small effort for me to tick a different box and if you want to go back to another option at a later time, that is always possible.

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