Life threatening situation? Always call 112

I need medication immediately

The service pharmacy is exclusively intended for dispensing medication in emergencies.

The current opening hours of all service pharmacies in the Zuid-Holland Noord region can be found on the website http://www.ssdr.nl.

Medication data

Patients must bring an up-to-date medication overview for proper handling by the service pharmacy. Patients can also give their own pharmacy permission to exchange medication data via the National Exchange Point (LSP).


Make sure you always have a valid ID (ID card, driver’s license or passport) with your BSN number on it. It is not possible to get medicines on account at the service pharmacy. Therefore, make sure you also have cash or your debit card with you. Please note: for a request for a prescription for medication/medical devices via the GP emergency stations, we charge € 35.00 (+ the associated costs of medicines will be charged by the service pharmacy).

Taxi scheme

If it is impossible for you to pick up the medication yourself or have it picked up, the medication can be delivered by taxi at the request of the prescribing doctor.