Life threatening situation? Always call 112

Do you have a compliment or complaint?


Are you satisfied with your visit to the out-of-hours GP service? If so, please let us know. You can use the form on this page to let us know. You will automatically receive a copy of the message. We would like to share your compliment with the care workers who were there for you.

We also appreciate it if you leave a positive review on google or zorgkaartNederland.nl.


It is very important to us that you are satisfied with the care and services. At the out-of-hours GP clinics, everyone carries out their work as well and accurately as possible. However, it is possible that you are less satisfied with some things.

Do you have a complaint or are you dissatisfied?

If you have a complaint about the course of events at the out-of-hours GP service or about the way in which the GP, triagist, doctor’s assistant, nurse specialist/physician assistant and/or driver acts, we would like to hear from you.

Solving the problem together

It usually leads to a quick resolution if you speak directly and as soon as possible after your experience with the person who you believe has caused your complaint or dissatisfaction.

Can’t figure it out together?  Please contact the complaints officer of Huisartsenposten De LIMES. What does the complaints officer do?

  • She can mediate for you
  • She will work with you to find a solution to the complaint
  • She will advise you  on the steps you can take

Of course, your complaint will be treated in the strictest confidence. If it is necessary to discuss your complaint with one or more employees of the Huisartsenposten De LIMES or an organisation with which we work, the complaints officer will ask you for permission to do so.

How do you report a complaint?

To submit a complaint, please use the digital complaint form on our website. In the scroll menu below, you can indicate the location of your complaint. The complaints officer will contact you as soon as possible.

If you prefer to send your complaint by post or e-mail, you can send it to:

Bedrijfsbureau Huisartsenposten De LIMES B.V. attn. complaints officer, P.O. Box 118, 2350 AC Leiderdorp or by e-mail to klachten@hpdelimes.nl.  Would you like to  mention your name and telephone number?

Your complaint will be dealt with on the basis of our complaints procedure.

Still not satisfied?

Are you unable to reach an agreement even after mediation by the complaints officer? If so, you can contact the Disputes Body for Primary Care Complaints and Disputes (SKGE). You can also contact us by telephone or send a letter to: 

SKGE, P.O. Box 8018, 5601 KA Eindhoven, telephone number 088 0229100.