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by the members of the Cooperative Board

Dear employees, drivers, members, observers, Hidha’s and AIOS.
Two thousand twenty-one is almost over, a moment to look back and look forward.
It has been a year of hopes and disappointments and we don’t know yet when things will calm down again. Fortunately, there are many good things to look back on.

This year was the first year of the cooperative De LIMES and the BV De LIMES.
After a difficult initial phase, we got off to a good start as the cooperative’s board.
During the GMMs, we discussed our vision and our timeline of cooperation with the LHV circle and we opted for a greater role for the observers.

It was a good, but also a tough year for the BV (the GP posts):
First with the Corona emergency post, then without and later with it again.
There were big changes in crowds and there were heavy shifts (in suits and in the separate corona rooms). But we made it together!
No code black with us. The services have been fulfilled, with virtually no downtime. The low number of complaints or calamities shows how well we have done that together.
A big compliment to everyone!

As a board, we would like to express our deep gratitude to everyone who made this possible. Together with the management of the BV, we have given you a token of appreciation, although this appreciation cannot of course be expressed in money or matter.
We hope to continue to strengthen each other and learn from each other in the knowledge that we desperately need everyone and each other.

Thank you again and happy holidays!
The board of cooperative De LIMES
Dick Koster
Dianne Nijman
Milja Matthijsen
Rob Michielsens
Quirijn Ruitenberg

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