Life threatening situation? Always call 112

Insulin case description

by Marry Witteman – case manager of the Investigative Committee

On a Saturday, just after noon, a home care worker calls the postal service. A patient was mistakenly injected with a high dose of fast-acting insulin instead of long-acting insulin. How do you deal with the wrong dosage of insulin? The situation mentioned above led to several contacts with the HAP in which the patient lost consciousness a few hours later. After the ambulance had been deployed and this patient had administered 100 ml of 10% glucose, the patient was doing better and was able to stay at home. Insulin incidents are complex. Has the wrong insulin been injected, has there been neglect to inject, is there a hypo or a hyper or…? In order to give employees (doctors and support staff) a quick helping hand in the primary process, a tile has been added to the desktop of the HAP links: ‘Diabetes‘ with the portrait of Mr. Langerhans (namesake of the Langerhans Diabetes Training Institute).
When you click on this you will be taken to the chapter: Acute diabetes problems. At the bottom (scroll down) you can see which exit you have to take in case of which insulin problem by means of 5 tiles.

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