Life threatening situation? Always call 112

Changes to the work agreement Slaapachterwacht Voorhout

by Quirina Koehler – manager Huisartsenpost Voorhout

To improve patient safety and the safety of the triage nurse at night at the Voorhout location, an emergency call system has been purchased. With this emergency call system (TWIG), the triage nurse is also able to call for help outside the triage center. In the current situation, the triage nurse is only present at the post between 04:00 and 08:00 when the consultation doctor and driver are visiting. For safety’s sake, a general practitioner is present as a sleep back guard, but the sleep back watch can only be called up from the triage center. This makes it impossible for the triage nurse to call for help in an emergency situation where a patient or triage nurse needs immediate help.  We want to improve this, with the emergency call system offering a solution. Of course, this emergency call system does not solve all bottlenecks at night, but it is a step forward to strengthen the position of the triage nurse at night.

CLICK HERE for the operation of the emergency call system with accompanying work arrangements. It is important to know that from now on, the Voorhout sleep guard will receive a mobile phone to the ‘hotel room’ at the start of the shift and return it to the triagist at the end of the shift. The mobile phone is linked to the emergency call system. It goes without saying that this system is only used in extreme emergencies and/or in life-threatening situations.

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