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The organization

The organization By Editorial Every month there is an MT meeting of SHR and DDDB. In April, the following topics were discussed, among others: Occupancy and schedules: Filling the summer schedule always requires extra attention. We are currently working hard to complete the schedule until September. Manager: Esther Struijk has been appointed as manager. She will start her work on 20 May 2019. Quarterly reporting A quarterly report is delivered every quarter. This information helps to make adjustments where necessary. Topics in the quarterly reporting include production, industry standards, finance, VIM, complaints, and progress of the annual plan. Vacancy Quality Officer: There is a vacancy for a quality officer for 20 hours a week. After the appointment of this official, we will say goodbye to Harmke Breimer. It is now carrying out this task on an interim basis. HKZThe audit for the certification will be carried out by a different agency this year. . The audit will take place at the end of June 2019. HAP Alphen: Thomas Knol and Edith Janssen have been commissioned to draw up a plan to modernise the postal service. This can be included in the planning and budget in 2020. Office location Alrijne: Following the outcome of the GMM (DDDB) regarding the cooperation between SHR and DDDB, the intended office location in the Alrijne Leiden has been put on hold. The office staff have shown that the collaboration is taking shape, even though they work from two locations. These are two arguments for pressing the pause button.

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