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ICT manager introduces himself

My name is Jan Wouter Rensink and I will start as ICT manager at HP De LIMES on 1 December. I am 57 years old and live with Edith in Lisse. We have two daughters, Rowie and Jessy, who have been living on their own for a while now. Lisse, that’s cycling distance to the HP De LIMES locations! Just a bit too far for my sporty bike so I bought an electric bike (and a rain suit). I’m determined to cycle to work as much as possible, so feel free to talk to me about it when I’m driving. In addition to cycling, I like to play tennis and I like to read, but I can only do that during the holidays that we usually spend camping with our caravan. At home we also like to put on a good series. I also like to listen to and make music and oh yes, I also have a weakness for birds. I’m not a birdwatcher, but I really enjoy recognizing all the birds in the garden and also photographing them.

I look at ICT as an integral part of what the organization and the people in it do

On Linkedin (linkedin.com/in/jwrensink) you can read what I have done so far in my working life. The short summary of it: Academy for Physical Education, conscripted sports instructor, Cobol programmer at Regional Computer Center for the Health Insurance Funds (yes, that’s what they were called back then…), Managing consultant at Capgemini, Manager I&A at Ipse de Bruggen, Master’s degree in Information Management, CIO/Manager Advice and Development at Hadoks. All tenures lasted anywhere from 7 to 9 years.

I look at ICT as an integral part of what the organization and the people in it do. So not as something ‘on the side’ that also takes time and is difficult (which it sometimes is, of course). And as something that makes things possible that would not have been conceivable without ICT. So important, in fact, that it’s not just an IT department that has to think about this, but everyone in the organization. ICT belongs to all of us.

Things I like/find important in my work: Shaping vision in words and images, giving space to professionals, getting things done, broad knowledge of technology, focus on applying and using technology, digital emancipation of the user and the organization, not distracting ICT but making it part of strategy.

I hope that at De LIMES I can contribute to the smart and pleasant design and use of ICT facilities together, so that they help to provide good care.

In any case, I’m looking forward to it. See you again!

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