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Things worth knowing about patient information

by Elke Koestering – Quality Officer

When a patient comes to the out-of-hours GP service, it is often important to have extra information about that patient. This can be done by consulting the file via the LSP. Important matters can also be done via a memo (basic memo, memo attention patient, memo vulnerable elderly, memo palliative care patient, memo resuscitation policy) so that this is brought to much more attention. It is important to know which information is accessible to whom: is it at national level or at post level.

  • With the current LSP op-out arrangement (agreed in the context of COVID19), the partitions between the LSP have been removed, allowing you to query the entire country on an LSP file. There is talk of restoring this to the original situation before corona. This means that the partitions in the LSP will be put back in place. In that case, the information is only accessible to the relevant HAP to which your own GP is affiliated. If there are actual changes to this, we will hear about it via Topicus.
  • A memo created within VipLive Spoed EPD (Topicus HAP) is only visible for the HAP in question, i.e. at post level. Another HAP can’t see this memo.
  • A memo that has been created in the HIS of your own GP can be seen via the LSP if the LSP file is correctly supplied and queried. This is at the national level. As long as the OPT-OUT scheme applies.
  • A memo that has been created via emergency EPD/Topicus is only visible to the relevant HAP for which it was created. This is at HAP post level, for example, the whole of De LIMES.
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