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Joint start of service Leiderdorp and Alphen

The preparations for a joint service start in Leiderdorp and Alphen are in a final phase.
The most important change for you as a directing physician is that certain services will start earlier. During the week, the directing service starts at 17:00 instead of 18:00 (for a fee, by the way), so that the team is complete before the joint start. The change will be communicated in time.
The directing physician has an important role in the joint start of the shift and will therefore have to be present. On weekends and holidays, the service starts 15 minutes earlier.
Participants in the joint start of the service are initially the general practitioners who start a shift at that time, together with the starting directing physician and directing triagist. Intermediary services are updated in a different way.
For the time being, it has also been decided not to allow the triage nurse team to participate in the joint service start. They are briefed in a different way by the triage nurse at the start of the shift.

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