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Looking back at evening ‘a fresh start for all GPs’ on 22-2-2023

by working group observers and practitioners

With almost 80 GPs present, the turnout was very large. Under the leadership of Ger Plat, we all thought about the implementation of a joint future for the cooperative in a good atmosphere and with full commitment.  Two questions were central:

– The new scheduling for the ANW
– The position of the non-practitioner in the cooperative

In mixed groups (practitioners and non-practitioners) we enthusiastically started working on these questions. A lot of good ideas have been collected and recorded on flaps. The basis for a great perspective for our cooperative! During the meeting, it became clear that there is a lot of support among those present for the vision of the future in which all general practitioners should become part of the implementation of ANW care and that non-practice owners should therefore be able to become members of the cooperative. But this is only the start of the process, we all concluded on the evening that it must now be continued. All input that has been provided will therefore be taken into account in the working groups that are already working on these topics. Of course you will be informed about the progress of this in due course. To all those present that evening: thank you for being there!

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