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by Sandra van der Geer – service manager Sleutelnet

Patients can arrange online permission for the exchange of their medical data via the National Exchange Point. They do this on volgjezorg.nl (formerly ikgeeftoestemming.nl). On this website, the patient first looks up the healthcare provider with whom he wants to arrange permission. If this healthcare provider participates in VECOZO’s Opt-in service, the patient can choose: arrange online consent by logging in with DigiD with SMS, or by filling in a form, printing it and handing it in to the healthcare provider. If the healthcare provider does not participate in VECOZO’s Opt-in service, the patient can only use the form to arrange consent.

Do you want your patients to be able to arrange their consent with you online? Please inform VECOZO’s Opt-in service that you would like to participate in this website. Then you will be notified when a patient arranges permission via DigiD with SMS. You can then view and handle the message in the personal and secure environment of the Opt-in service. Finally, you process the consent in your healthcare information system.

Are you not using VECOZO’s online Opt-in service? Then your patients will see on the website that they cannot arrange their consent with you online. They can then only fill out a form online, print it and hand it in to you.

Smart link to volgjezorg.nl on your website
You can refer your patients to volgjezorg.nl on your own website. But you can make it even easier for them. To do this, place a ‘smart link’ to volgjezorg.nl on your website. By clicking on this, your patients will be taken directly to the page where they can give you permission. They no longer have to search for you first via the search function. This will prevent your patients from not being able to find you and therefore not being able to give you online consent.
All you need to do for this is to place the smart link on your website. In this link you can enter your 8-digit AGB code:

  • persoonlijk.volgjezorg.nl/nl/toestemmingen/Agb/<AGBCODE> (in Dutch)
  • persoonlijk.volgjezorg.nl/en/toestemmingen/Agb/<AGBCODE> (in English)

In the place of the AGB code, enter the 8-digit AGB code, which you are used to log in to volgjezorg.nl. If you can’t remember that code, you can log in to VECOZO . Once logged in, you will see your AGB code at the top right of the screen. You can incorporate this into the smart link on your website. Don’t manage your website yourself? Then ask the administrator of your website to include the smart link to volgjezorg.nl.

Note: Smart links that point from ikgeeftoestemming.nl are automatically redirected to volgjezorg.nl.

Sleutelnet is happy to support you in the implementation of the LSP within your practice. For more information, please contact Sandra van der Geer:
E: svandergeer@sleutelnet.nl

T: 071 – 514 01 40

W: www.sleutelnet.nl

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