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Memos, usefulness and necessity by Elke Koestering – quality officer SHR-DDDB

It can sometimes be very helpful at the HAP if there is GP’s own memos are placed in the relevant Files.

On the basis of a few examples, we would like to To make it clearer:

•         A Death is reported and visits are scheduled in connection with inspections. In the There are 7 memos, with the third memo stating the reason for death (terminal in case of non-operated hip fracture). In this case, it is nice if there is a clear short memo is that this is a non-natural death and that The inspection must be done by the municipal coroner. Contact in advance Searching with the municipal coroner is nice, they also make a memo there from.

•         If the patient is known to different practitioners, it is very nice if a memo is created with the details of the data of the person concerned. practitioners. READ MORE

It is possible to add an end date to a memo. give. Around the end date, this memo will be sent to your own GP under the attention, where it can be seen whether the memo is still applicable or not.

• Indicate treatment wish or treatment restriction in file, or via memo. This also applies to patients who live in a nursing home but are under the care of a general practitioner rather than under the care of a general practitioner the care of a geriatric specialist. Often, in that case,  it is situations at the nursing home/care home, but limited knowledge is given to the residents of the what the residents themselves say to the caretakers and they say this to them. in the care record and/or the summary that is often recorded at the start of the recording. Information, for example, about hospital admissions During their stay, they often receive through the family.

. Memos can be overwrite, instead of creating a new one every time. And there can be checked that this memo should always be at the top.

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