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New manager Business Office Alissa Hoogveld

By Editorial

As of 6 December, Alissa Hoogveld will join De LIMES in the position of Business Office Manager. When asked who Alissa Hoogveld is, the 30-year-old newcomer answers: “That depends on what I do. When I’m at home, I’m Nina’s mother first and foremost. At work, I have a different role. I want to do what I do well and with attention.” Managing is no stranger to Alissa. Since the age of twenty-six, she has held a management role in the sector where she started her career, care for the disabled. What’s so fun about managing? Alissa: “I like the variety of figures, policy, complex cases and dealing with people. Where you are sometimes working on an annual plan, other times you go on a maternity visit to an employee. That diversity appeals to me.” Alissa is aware that GP care has a different meaning than care for the disabled. She sees the new path taken by the manager, who lives in Utrecht, as a pioneering journey. From that point of view, she thinks it is important to first ‘land’ in the organisation, meet people, watch, listen and pick up what is needed. “After that, we can make a plan together and not force anything,” says Alissa. We can meet her from December and usually on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. We wish her every success.

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