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Prevention officer wanted

by Quirina Koehler – manager location Voorhout

Over the past three years, Ingrid Ludlage and Kirsten van Laar have given substance to the task of prevention officer with great pleasure and enthusiasm. During this period, Ingrid and Kirsten have compassionately worked to set up the health and safety conditions for every employee as optimally as possible. Major successes that we owe in part to Kirsten and Ingrid are, for example, the PMO study that is currently being set up and the upcoming replacement of the air ventilation system in Voorhout. Both have worked these and other points. After a few years, it is time for Ingrid and Kirsten to hand over the baton to two new prevention officers. Both have been given great new challenges on their path, which has made it difficult for them to find time for this task. For this reason, Kisten and Ingrid will stop as prevention officers on 1 July. So we are looking for two new enthusiastic colleagues who want to take over this role from Ingrid and Kirsten. If you are curious about what the role of prevention officer entails, read the vacancy here . After 1 July, Kirsten and Ingrid will still be available for help with setting up the workplace, all other tasks will be (temporarily) transferred to management.

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