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Repetition of COVID-19 policy on the posts

by Crisisteam

Unfortunately, the number of COVID-19 infections is rising again and with it the problems of filling our schedules. 
That is why it is good to reflect again on the measures we can take to protect ourselves, each other and our patients.

For patients:

In case of a positive result of the patient , it is clear: you use at least an FFP-2 mask plus gloves and preferably a complete set of PPE. The patient is seen in a separate consulting room.

In case of a negative result, but symptoms that may be consistent with Covid-19, you must remain alert. Urge these patients to wear a face mask when visiting the post and wear a face mask yourself when in contact with these patients.
Everyone is free to wear gloves or PPE in such a situation.
We provide a sufficient stock of face masks and PPE: be sure to make use of this!

In case of shortness of breath, it is preferable to use dose aerosols with a spacer instead of nebulising.

For employees and general practitioners:

We continue to ask everyone, patient and caregiver, with COVID-19 related complaints to do a self-test and continue to follow the triage schedule for COVID-19 suspected patients.

Because the 1.5 meter distance rule while working at the post is virtually unfeasible for doctor’s assistants and general practitioners, we still request that you wear a face mask to protect yourself and each other.
During triage, you can keep sufficient distance, but you are still free to use a face mask.

For employees and general practitioners with COVID-19, the rules of the RIVM apply as long as we can keep up with the schedule.

Employees and general practitioners without symptoms, but with a positive COVID-19 patient (family member) at home also follow the RIVM rules.

If you have any doubts or questions about the use of the COVID-19 measures, you can always contact us:
As an employee of De LIMES, you can contact your supervisor or the emergency service if you have any doubts.
As a general practitioner, you can consult with one of the medical managers via the secretariat.
If you have any questions about this during the weekend, you as a GP can ask your question by post. Our employees can then consult with their supervisor, the emergency service and/or a medical manager.

Fortunately, we see that in most cases the turnover is mild, but we desperately need everyone’s commitment in these times of enormous shortage.

As a crisis team, we are constantly looking for possible solutions. The home workplaces that are available will also be used more actively in the near future.
If you have any ideas about possible solutions, please let us know via info@hpdelimes.nl  

Last but not least: take good care of yourself and each other!

(NB: as an attachment a version to print and place at your workplace.)

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