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VIM Notifications

By Marjolein Meijer

Like every healthcare organization also has the SHR a process for internal reporting (VIM= report incidents safely). The number of VIM reports to the SHR is in the has declined in the past period and that is why we would like to establish the attention to the importance of reporting incidents.

Each SHR employee can make a report about a situation in which the SHR (supporting processes around the) patient care did not go quite right. These reports are investigated by the VIM Committee. The VIM Committee consists of at least a representative representation of general practitioners, triage nurses, doctor’s assistants and office workers. After examination, each report in committee. When there are structural shortcomings in the process, recommendations are formulated on how to prevent repetition in the could be avoided in the future. These recommendations shall be published in the MT and the reporter is informed of the outcomes. Since the VIM committee meets on average 6-8 times a year and the investigation takes time, it can be it sometimes takes a while before you get this feedback.

It it is important that all employees are aware of the importance of staying report. By reporting situations, we as an organization can learn where and where how processes can be improved. We don’t look at it with the thought “Who did here what went wrong?”, with the look What went wrong in this situation? not good and how can this be prevented in the future?”

One Reporting is always about a situation and never about a person. Do you try to clearly formulate the report and indicate what you want the VIM committee to Examines. The clearer your question or problem is, the better we can answer it. to be able to investigate. When you make a report about a situation where colleagues are involved, please inquire about it here and say that it is about the situation and not about them. When you receive a call from a member of the VIM committee about a report, don’t be alarmed. The questions that are asked, about a situation, and not about your personal functioning in that situation. situation. In many cases, the triage nurse is asked to discuss the conversation together. with a VIM member. A general practitioner may be asked clarify a situation. Both situations can lead to new Insights.

If If you have any questions about the VIM or about the reports, please contact Marjolein Meijer, quality officer and member of VIM committee SHR mmeijer@shrnet.nl

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