Life threatening situation? Always call 112

Work Appointments Interpreter Telephone

by Ulf Arndt – medical manager Leiderdorp

The HP De LIMES posts can make use of an interpreter’s telephone during ANW hours. If the procedure is followed carefully, the costs will be reimbursed by the Hollands-Midden, Amstelland and Haarlemmermeer Disadvantage Fund.

The working method of the interpreter telephone is as follows:

  • You call Global Talk: 088-2555222 (available 24/7)
  • Enter the customer code in: (known in the workplace) with a # (NB: this customer code is only intended for general practitioners and general practitioners in the region of the AF HMAH. We ask that you do not give this code to any third party or post it on any public website)
  • You will be asked: – If it concerns a life-threatening situation, choose 9 – If it concerns a patient with a COA care number, choose 1 (you will then be connected to Livewords, in which case the government will reimburse the interpreting service) – If not, choose 2
  • At the request of the operator, you provide the following information:
  • The desired language, initials and surname of the general practitioner for whom the interpreting service is requested, postal code and house number of the HAP (applies to all three locations): 2353 GA, house number 1.
  • Global Talk will connect you to the interpreter of your choice (usually within 2 minutes)
  • Important! As soon as you apply to Global Talk under your own name instead of the customer code, you will receive the invoice in your own name and the costs will be for your own account.
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