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Changes to COVID-19 policy

by Quirina Koehler – manager Huisartsenpost Voorhout

After the introduction of the new triage schedule (CLICK HERE), which was communicated in the previous newsletter, we also took a closer look at other policy agreements regarding COVID19.

Face mask
Patients who are triaged green no longer need to wear a face mask. However, the advice is to keep a distance of 1.5 meters, provided that the influx of patients makes this possible. If distance cannot be guaranteed, we can offer patients a face mask by placing it in the waiting room. You do not have to wear a face mask to work at the post, unless you have patient contact within 1.5 meters. In case of physical examination or other actions that do not allow a distance of 1.5 meters, wearing a face mask is strongly recommended.

Number of supervisors
In order to limit the number of visitors in the waiting rooms, we are sticking to the policy of max. 1 companion at the time when the patient is unable to come alone.

For the self-test, we maintain a validity of 24 hours. Adults who are fully vaccinated and/or have recently recovered from COVID19 should still do a self-test in case of COVID-related symptoms.

Start-up policy will not change. Patients still need to be triaged COVID19. Before you let someone into the HAP, you need to know if someone is green or red triaged. As soon as a patient is triaged in green, the patient can enter the post in a regular way and a physical triage can take place if necessary.

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