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Antibiotics in medication case cars

In consultation with service pharmacists, medical management and coordinator Meditaxi, and after consulting the sounding board group in Voorhout, it was decided to make the following changes to the car with regard to medication.
Antibiotic tablets will be made available in the medication case in all cars by the end of April. This was already the case for the Voorhout location, but will now also apply to all cars. This is to be able to start antibiotics quickly in exceptional cases, especially at night. An additional advantage is that all cars are now equipped in the same way. For observers and drivers who are on duty at multiple locations, this is very pleasant.

These are the two most common antibiotics in the visiting service, amoxicillin/clavulanic acid and ciprofloxacin. (In Voorhout there used to be amoxicillin, which is removed).
Rules of the game must be in place, and after an evaluation around the summer, it will be determined whether this is a safe way of working.

• use the step-by-step plan (click HERE) to check whether the delivery of one pill of antibiotic is necessary

•            call the pharmacy assistant (mandatory!) in the context of medication monitoring; Relying on information via LSP via laptop is not allowed. You get a quick answer, they know about it, they don’t have to worry about someone being called out of bed unnecessarily.

•            Only then can the driver hand over the pill to the doctor. Please do not argue with the driver about this.

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