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Call from the Client Council

Do you have a patient in your practice who is suitable to complete our client council? It is important that the patient’s voice is heard in the tasks of the out-of-hours GP services. In the second half of 2021, the client council was established within HP De LIMES. This council now consists of four members and we are looking for a fifth member. More important are involvement, being able to think from the general interest of patients and cooperation.  Given the current composition of the client council, we prefer to look for someone who lives in Leiden or the surrounding area. As a reader of this newsletter, you may know a patient who is suitable for this. We would like to get in touch with them!

What does the client council do?
The client council regularly consults with, among others, the managing director of GP posts De LIMES on matters that affect the interests of the patient. We are committed to solutions and results that benefit the patient. On average, this work requires a few hours of commitment per week. The client council usually meets eight times a year.

More information or contact?
For more information about this vacancy or to register a candidate, please email clientenraad@hpdelimes.nl. Information about the tasks and the field of work of GP Posts De  LIMES can be found at https://temporary.mindd.dev

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