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Care coordination: 4 care pathways for acute district nursing

The concept of Care Coordination stands for more collaboration between healthcare organizations so that the patient is in the right place faster. Acute district nursing can mean a lot to the HAP: at the moment, a team of acute district nursing is active at night from the cooperating home care organizations in South Holland North (the ReBOZ, Regionally Available Unplanned Care). These are MBO-4 nurses.

From 16 October , there are 4 situations in which coordination with the ReBOZ can be sought (we call these Care Pathways):

  • Catheter
  • Nosebleed (also a work instruction for the ReBOZ nurse drawn up)
  • Fall
  • Diabetes dysregulated

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For catheter and nosebleeds , the ReBOZ also needs materials: these are provided by our post Leiderdorp (the content can be found in QLink).

Together with a medical manager from the HAP, a work instruction for the ReBOZ nurse has been drawn up for Bloody Nose (which can be found in Qlink)

The night triage nurses have already been informed more extensively. Of course, in addition to these 4 situations, other topics can also be coordinated with the ReBOZ. On 11 December, an evaluation will be carried out and a start may be made on expanding the number of care pathways. Participants in the evaluation are welcome. It is expected that the ReBOZ will eventually be available for more hours of the week. The home care organizations are working on this.

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