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Acute Care Consent, LSP

Since the start of the corona opt-in, it has become clear that the exchange of data, such as the professional summary, contributes to a smoother working care system. InEen is therefore pleased that in the coming years there will be various developments that will make the exchange of data between the GP and the out-of-hours GP service easier.

  • 2024 – arranging on-site permission with Mitz
    With the SPOT button of permission facility Miz, it will hopefully be possible in 2024 for GP surgeries to ask permission from the patient on the spot to view the professional summary. Incidentally, this permission has a limited shelf life. After 72 hours, permission must be requested again.
  • 2025 – Opt-out of acute care
    A bill is currently being drafted that will make it easier for acute care to request data from patients. This is done by means of a so-called opt-out system. GP out-of-hours clinics can then view the GP’s professional summary without the explicit consent of the patient. Only the files of patients who explicitly indicate that they do not agree are not retrievable. The bill is expected to be submitted in mid-2023 and will then come into force from the beginning of 2025.
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