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Nationwide exchange via LSP

Source: website vzvz.nl

As of 5 April 2022, the regional boundaries of the National Exchange Point will be abolished. This creates a national exchange of patient data. As a healthcare provider, you can consult important health data from the regular healthcare providers of those patients for the treatment of patients. Also outside your own region and during occasional consultations. This expressed wish of many healthcare providers was adopted by the General Assembly of VZVZ, consisting of umbrella organisations of healthcare providers and patients.

The National Exchange Point (LSP) has been in operation for ten years and the number of users is increasing daily. They use the infrastructure for the electronic exchange of medical data for the (unforeseen) treatment of patients. The exchange of data is no longer limited to general practitioners and pharmacies. All hospitals and many independent clinics, mental health institutions, VVT organisations, ambulance care and youth health care make use of the infrastructure. Together, they send almost a billion messages via the LSP every year.

Healthcare providers indicate that not having access to data is an obstacle to providing good care. And the movement of patients at the height of the coronavirus pandemic showed how important it is to have access to important medical information at the right time. These considerations were the reason for the General Assembly (GA) of VZVZ (in which the umbrella organisations of healthcare providers and patients are represented) to decide to abolish the regional boundaries.

Incidentally, there will be no change in the exchange of data via the LSP. As usual, healthcare providers can consult the LSP in the context of the patient’s treatment. They will then see the same data as before, but may now be supplemented with information from healthcare providers from outside their own region. As of April 5, we speak of a truly national exchange, and we have been able to contribute a bit to our motto “We connect healthcare”.

Note: You do not need to take any action yourself. It is possible that you will see additional information during a subsequent survey of the LSP, because information from outside the region may also come along.

Do you have any questions or comments about the above? Please contact VZVZ Service Centre via support@vzvz.nl or 070 317 3492. Available on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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