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Dear colleagues,

by Gos de Vries – Managing Director

The last newsletter before the summer holidays! Hopefully there will be an opportunity for many of you to take a break from De LIMES in the coming period. Just enjoy holidays and other important things in life. For all those who continue to work in July and August, I hope that they have recently enjoyed their holiday, or that there is a holiday in the offing for the period after that.

Number of transactions stabilizes
In the first half of this year, we see that the number of transactions is finally stabilising and is just below that of the first six months of 2019 (pre-Corona). Given the huge crowds and erratic pattern in 2022, that’s more than welcome. However, due to the staff shortage, we still need the extra effort of the Triage Support Center for the time being. With the hiring of new employees and the retention of our good and experienced colleagues, we will hopefully be able to return to more stable waters here. There are a number of changes going on within the office staff. As of September, all positions have been filled again.

General Assembly of General Practitioners
For the general practitioners, there is an important GMM on the program this week in addition to the regular work. The new Strategy 2024 – 2028, free rostering, membership of observers are just some of the topics covered.

The aforementioned new Strategy 2024 – 2028 is a follow-up to the meetings (organised in December of last year) in which we worked with staff and general practitioners to decide which topics we want to tackle in the coming years. The Strategy actually says why we do this, what ambitions we have and what core values are important to us.

In addition to obtaining approval from the GMM and the Supervisory Board, and support from the Works Council and Client Council, extensive attention will of course be paid to the significance of this for all employees and general practitioners.

Summer party The LIMES
Two weeks ago  our (2nd annual) summer party took place in Katwijk aan Zee. We are still reminiscing. A beautiful location, great weather, a good band and above all a good mood among the attendees, made for a great party! As far as I’m concerned, it’s worth repeating! For now, I wish you a lot of reading pleasure and a beautiful sunny summer (with the occasional healthy shower?)!

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