Life threatening situation? Always call 112

Dear colleagues,

by Gos de Vries – Managing Director

Two weeks ago I wrote very carefully that the weekends seemed a little less busy … Now that I have seen the figures for May, I can confirm that the number of operations (telephone triage, consultations and visits) is still considerably above the budgeted number (+15%), but is clearly lower than in March and April. I sincerely hope that this will start the downward trend and that we will move towards a more stable situation with figures that are close to 2019, pre-corona.

In order to optimize the work at the post, further research is being done into possibilities to expand the use of photo consultations and video calling. In the context of quality and efficiency, the digital emergency referral from the HAP to the A&E of the Alrijne, which started on 24 May, is also appropriate. The LUMC will follow after the summer. Of course, getting used to a different way of working takes time, but I hope that we will soon reach the set goal (75% of the referrals go digital) and even exceed it by a wide margin. The hospital has already announced that it is very happy with the first digitally referred patients.

The 2021 annual report of De LIMES was recently published. CLICK HERE for the report. In the same layout as the previous year, the most important results are briefly presented. A special year with many unexpected (corona) moments and therefore a high workload. But with, especially considering the circumstances, great results!

With regard to work pressure and a healthy working environment, it is important for an organization to pay continuous attention to this. One of the instruments we use for this is the Preventive Medical Examination (PMO). It is important to keep an eye on your health and periodically monitor whether you are sufficiently balanced and what measures you and/or the organization can take. So I would like to draw attention to the PMO of ArboNed again!

Finally, I would like to draw your attention to the party that will be organised on Thursday 30 June. For general practitioners and all employees of De LIMES bv. More than deserved and as a thank you for your tireless efforts in recent years! Hopefully I will see and talk to many of you on the30th!

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