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Dear colleagues,

by Gos de Vries – Managing Director

If all goes well, you will receive this newsletter on the first day of the last month.
December, on the one hand the month with shorter and shorter days, gray and dark. On the other hand, the month with the Sinterklaas party and Christmas. Grey, dark or public holiday, the work in a healthcare institution such as De LIMES will of course continue. With a still existing deficit on the formation, I still hope that a reasonable balance is possible between work, relaxation and days to spend with friends and/or family.

Incidentally, a lot of work is being done on the aforementioned formation shortage. Together with the Works Council, the necessary ideas have been collected to reduce the workload and improve the working climate in the short term. In addition, HR is working on improving the recruitment and selection of new employees. More information will follow soon.  Further in this preface a selection of other recent (positive) developments.

We passed the control audit of the NPA well, the auditors were enthusiastic about the organization of the day, the conversations and the results. We have gone from 5 points for improvement last year to 3 points for improvement this year. More information about this and the entire report is available via Mathilda Boer.

The health insurers recently informed us that they agree with the 2023 budget. The projects we have listed for 2023 (including the bicycle plan) can largely be implemented. In addition, there is extra financial room for the deployment of triage nurses and doctor’s assistants. The shortage that existed in Voorhout has thus been (financially) solved.

There are already many registrations for the meetings on 6 and 13 December to contribute to the vision and the long-term strategic policy plan. That’s good news! But there is still room, so a final call to register!

Last Tuesday, November 29, InEen and the LHV agreed to the explanation of the ANW Workload Action Plan. We are currently working on a Guideline and model implementation plan. These are necessary in order to draw up a regional plan in order to qualify for the differentiated rates. On 5 December, there will be a first meeting with a working group of general practitioners, among others, to prepare for this. During the GMM of InEeen it was decided that the introduction of these tariffs for all regions must take place on the same date (this date is not yet known!), and that the regions must have sufficient time to implement the implementation plan. I will keep you informed and further information will follow.

The 2023 Annual Plan will be finalised on 15 December. After that, of course, this plan will be shared with all of you.

Finally, I hope you enjoy reading this newsletter full of interesting and important topics!

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