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Foreword newsletter August 2023

Here is the first newsletter after the summer holidays! Many of you, especially those who are in school
children, hopefully enjoyed a nice holiday. But I realize that others have just continued to work and hopefully have a nice, well-deserved vacation ahead.

Organizational numbers are back to pre-COVID levels
Looking at the organisational figures for the first 7 months, I am happy to see that the trend of a lower number of transactions, compared to 2022, continues. The current figures are comparable to the figures from the same period in 2019, pre-COVID. And very slowly, the workload is decreasing with the deployment of more junior triage nurses, the hiring of new candidate triage nurses and the support from the Triage Support Center.

Fewer and fewer shortages in our formation
There have also  been a number of personnel changes at the office in the recent period. After more than a year, the occupation there is as good as in order. This applies to the MT, to the team leaders and to the various staff departments. In short, with a (very) slowly decreasing shortage of staff in the primary process and with the office almost in order, the future looks bright(er)!

Get started with InterShift!
With regard to general practitioners, there is also a lot going on. At the time of publication of this newsletter, we started the ‘free scheduling system’ for 2024. Fortunately, we are not the first in our region. In the meantime, InterShift  has optimized the system. That’s very nice! Nevertheless, such major changes mean that we too (will) run into unforeseen things. And these changes require a lot from GPs and our organisation. We sincerely hope that with the introduction of this system, we will optimize the distribution of workload in 2024. This method of scheduling gives more flexibility (more control over the schedule and the possibility to do shifts at different Posts) and leads to even greater involvement of practitioners, HIDHAs and observers at De LIMES!

Finally, we are already hard at work on the 2024 annual plan and the associated budget. More about that in the next newsletter!. For now, I hope you enjoy reading.

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