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Foreword newsletter September 2023

Dear colleagues,
Summer seems to be over now and most of my colleagues have returned from their holidays. Anyway, holiday or no holiday, the care for our patients continues 365 days a year.
It’s nice to see that we’re doing this so well together!

Production seems to be stabilizing
Following the announcement in the previous newsletter that production seems to be stabilising, this also applies to the past month. How nice it would be if we could close 2023 with figures that fit the old normal from 2019 again.

New employees
It is great that we can welcome new (candidate) triage nurses and doctor’s assistants. We wish you all a lot of job satisfaction at De LIMES! And we are pleased that Jan Wouter Rensink will join the MT as ICT Manager as of 1 December. He has a lot of experience in general practitioner emergency care and will introduce himself in more detail in due course.

We are currently busy drawing up the annual plan and budget for 2024. More attention will be paid to this in the next newsletter.
The implementation of a new scheduling system, free scheduling, currently requires a lot from the organization and from the general practitioners. The schedule of the directing physicians has been finalized and we have started the registration period for the other shifts. The new schedule will be published on 1 November.
Another important topic is Information Security and the process to comply with the NEN 7510 standards. A good step in this direction was the internal audit on 11 September. We expect to complete this process by mid-2024. Of course, information security remains a theme that always requires attention from us!

Safety, incidents and calamities
Finally, we are slowly preparing for a new way of dealing with safety, incidents and calamities. As a follow-up to the current Safety I, we are starting with the introduction of Safety II. Whereas Safety I mainly focuses on incidents and investigations into possible causes, Safety II focuses much more on things that are going well and why they are happening. After all, in order to prevent incidents at the top of the Pyramid, you will have to systematically investigate the daily care at the base of the Pyramid. And by spreading successes, you can really get better as an organization. As a ‘kick-off’, an evening for all employees, general practitioners, Works Council, Cooperative Board, Supervisory Board and Client Council will be organised on Wednesday 17 January 2024 at the LUMC! You are cordially invited. Curious? Check out this video from the LUMC that explains it briefly and concisely in 2 minutes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1o1TnbGNX8
If you have any questions about safety2, please contact Corline de Groot (corline.de.groot@hpdelimes.nl) and not the LUMC. You can sign up soon.
For now, happy reading!

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