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Group health insurance

by Cora Hogenboom – HR department

Employees of De LIMES are offered the opportunity to participate in health insurance with ONVZ or IZZ, carried out by CZ or VGZ in accordance with the Collective Labour Agreement for General Practitioner Care. In addition, Huisartsenposten De LIMES has also concluded a collective health insurance scheme for its employees with health insurer Zorg en Zekerheid. Employees receive an attractive discount on the health insurance premium from the health insurers.

Employer’s contribution
When an employee takes out insurance with a supplementary package with one of the group health insurers, he or she will receive the employer’s contribution of €120 gross per year, regardless of the scope of the employment. If the employee in question has multiple employment contracts with several employers falling within the scope of the Collective Labor Agreement for General Practitioner Care, he/she will receive the compensation from each of these employers in proportion to the relevant employment, on the understanding that the amount of €120 gross per year will be paid by the joint employers.

Change in the group discount
From 1 January 2023, the group discount on the basic insurance will expire. This applies to everyone in the Netherlands and to all health insurers. The group discount on supplementary insurance will continue to apply.

Applying for an employer’s contribution?
Employees who want to be eligible for the employer’s contribution from 1 January 2023 can apply for this by sending an email to hr@hpdelimes.nl with a copy of the 2023 policy document. An overview of group health insurance is included in the quality manual under Personnel Insurance.

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