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Information night pharmacy De Limes

by Remco v.d. Velden – Director SSDR

Last week, you were informed in an extra newsletter about the redesign of pharmaceutical night care within the region. As of 19 April, patients of HP De LIMES can go to Night Pharmacy De Limes in Leiderdorp for pharmaceutical care between 23:00 and 08:00.
Working arrangements regarding the transition to Night Pharmacy De Limes:

Night pharmacy De Limes works with the pharmacy system of the outpatient pharmacy of the Alrijne Leiderdorp. Prescriptions must therefore be sent to this Alrijne Pharmacy. This
preferably by means of an electronic message (Edifact/LSP). In Topicus, you select Alrijne Apotheek Leiderdorp for digital transfer. If that is not possible, it can also be done by fax: 071 – 582 8958 or via (secure) e-mail: nachtapotheek@ssdr.nl

In Voorhout, we have temporarily agreed to give prescriptions printed to the patient from 10.30 p.m., to prevent prescriptions from being transferred to the wrong pharmacy around closing time. Of course, this is not the most desirable situation. As soon as we have a good idea of how the transition at 23:00 from DAP Bollenstreek to Night Pharmacy De Limes (Alrijne Apotheek) is going, we will adjust this working method again. 

Location Voorhout
We want to ensure that the closing of the Bollenstreek Service Pharmacy at 23:00 and the referral of patients to the Night Pharmacy De Limes (Alrijne) run smoothly. To this end, we have made cooperation agreements, which you can read in the appendix ‘Coordination of prescription traffic and communication between the GP post and the service pharmacy at the Voorhout location’ CLICK HERE

Together with the director of Dienstapotheek (DAP) Bollenstreek (Remco van der Velden) we explored the possibilities of keeping the pharmacy open until midnight, just like the HAP. For DAP Bollenstreek, extending the opening hours until midnight means an extension of the current evening service. For the DAP, renewing a service is subject to a Works Council obligation and is therefore a time-consuming process. For this reason, it has been decided that research into the possible extension of the opening hours at the DAP will be started once a decision has been made regarding the ongoing ‘Future-proof Night Care’ process within the GP posts De LIMES.

Leiderdorp and Alps on the Rhine
From 19 April, all patients will be referred to the pharmacy in Alrijne Leiderdorp during the night hours from 23:00 – 08:00 for the GP posts in Leiderdorp and Alphen aan de Rijn. They work at night under the name Night Pharmacy De Limes.  Additional information CLICK HERE for the document ‘Information Night Pharmacy De Limes for prescribers’.

Contact and address details for patients Night Pharmacy De LIMES
CLICK HERE for an overview of all service pharmacies in the ZH-N region, including contact and address details. The overviews will be printed in the post and can be given to patients who need pharmaceutical care between 23.00 and 08.00.

Evaluation of the transition Night Pharmacy de LIMES
In the first few days and/or weeks, it will take some getting used to, especially for Voorhout, that Dienstapotheek Bollenstreek closes at 23:00. Despite the working agreements made, we will undoubtedly run into inadequacies. In order to solve these imperfections quickly, we frequently evaluate the work agreements made. The request to the STIP and the directing nurse to name the experienced bottlenecks in the evaluation form, these will then be included in the daily/weekly evaluation between the HAP and the service pharmacies involved.

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