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by Sandra van der Geer – Service Manager Sleutelnet                                          

About medication data
Pharmacies can share patients’ medical data with other healthcare providers via the National Exchange Point. This concerns medication data: medicines that have been dispensed to the patients and data about their intolerances, contraindications and allergies.

Medication data on the LSP
Only if the patient has given you explicit permission to do so, you can share medication data with other healthcare providers. Other pharmacies, the patient’s GP and medical specialists in hospitals or other healthcare institutions can consult this data. They should only do this if it is necessary for the treatment of the patient.

With this data, available via the National Exchange Point, these healthcare providers can carry out medication monitoring for the patient. For example, the digital exchange of medical data increases medication safety for the patient. And that’s what it’s all about:
a higher quality of care.
For more information about the development of the medication process (MP9) and the Medication Transfer Program, please visit the website samenvoormedicatieoverdracht.nl

Sleutelnet is happy to support you in the implementation of the LSP within your practice. For more information, please contact Sandra van der Geer:

E: svandergeer@sleutelnet.nl
T: 071 – 514 01 40
W: www.sleutelnet.nl

Sleutelnet wishes you happy holidays and a happy and above all healthy 2022!

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