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by Sandra v.d. Geer – Sleutelnet                                                                                 

Since the beginning of November, new waiting room videos have been available about permissions and Volgjezorg. Healthcare providers can use this information to inform patients in the waiting room about the usefulness of giving permission for the exchange of medical data. The information is in line with the Volgjezorg leaflet and the poster revised earlier this year. As a result, all patient information is now in the same style, which should increase recognizability.

The new waiting room screens, like the Volgjezorg leaflets, are available in different languages, namely Dutch, English, Arabic, Ukrainian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish.

You can download the videos as a ZIP file. The ZIP file contains all language versions, both as MP4 video files, individual images and PowerPoint. Depending on your waiting room system, you can choose which version(s) you want to use. Do you want to link to the videos on the internet from your waiting room system? Then take a look at the YouTube channel of VZVZ or the channel of Volgjezorg.

You can order free information material for your patients via our webshop or visit aorta-lsp.nl for an overview of all available materials.      

Do you have any questions? Please contact Sandra van der Geer: E: svandergeer@sleutelnet.nl
T: 071 – 514 01 40 www.sleutelnet.nl

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