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Help the acting doctor get medical records!
A patient’s medical data is recorded in the electronic patient file.
The GP is responsible for the security of this medical data. He is in fact
the ‘source’ of it. When a patient needs care during an evening, night or
weekend shift (ANW service), then the triage nurse and the acting general practitioner of the HAP are present
to be able to view the Professional Summary (PS) of the medical file. That’s possible
only if the source GP has indicated in his file that the patient is well
and gave permission for part of the file to be made available.
Registering consents in the patient’s record and the possibility of issuing a
summary of the data, the work of the triage nurse and the triage nurse
Acting physician (slightly) simpler.
Medical data of patients were requested from the general practitioners on the basis of the corona opt-
in. This has led to many requests via the LSP and more frequent receipt of the
medical data of the patients. However, the scheme was of a temporary nature and now that the scheme
has ended, the number of registered consents falls back to the level it was before the
coronavirus pandemic. And that is detrimental to the continuity of the current quality of care. Before
the pandemic had registered about half of the inhabitants of the Netherlands with consent
for sharing GP information.
Relatable patient stories can help reduce the need for more registered
consents. Materials can be ordered in the VZVZ webshop.
General practitioners decide for themselves how they want to provide care for their patients and the associated information exchange
organize. The basis remains the relationship of trust between the GP and his patient.
Within this relationship, there will be a time to talk about the availability of the
medical data, when the GP is not available.
Make sure that the patient’s consent (or objection) is registered!
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