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LSP news May/June 2022

LSP Fees
The LSP reimbursement scheme for 2022 was initially agreed until 1 June 2022. The reason for this is that the Mitz implementation and its planning is still unclear. Based on current insights, ZN decided last Wednesday that the scheme will be extended at least until 1 October 2022. A news item about this has been posted on our website: https://www.vzvz.nl/nieuws/lsp-vergoedingen-verlengd

Decisions on an extension beyond this date will be made at a later date.

Factsheet ‘Exchange of medical data for asylum seekers and refugees’ and Volgjezorg patient information in Ukrainian
Refugees and asylum seekers are entitled to medical care in the Netherlands.
However, there are important differences when it comes to the exchange of medical data. Because more and more care providers have to deal with the care of refugees, more and more questions are coming in about how good continuity of care can be achieved. This new factsheet will help you on your way.

Continuity of care for refugees: Asking for permission is of great importance
Refugees often do not have a regular GP or pharmacy or this changes quickly because they are housed in other locations. For good care, now and in the future, it is therefore very important that medical data is recorded in a file and that it can be requested by other healthcare providers. Of course, this requires the explicit consent of the patient. Consent must also be recorded in the patient file.
The factsheet addresses key issues and provides specific information on the exchange of medical data of refugees from Ukraine.

Followjezorg-patient information available in Ukrainian
Due to the urgency and size of the group of refugees from Ukraine, the Volgjezorg information leaflet has now also been translated into Ukrainian. This translation can be downloaded as a leaflet from AORTA-LSP. Consent forms in Ukrainian can also be found there. You can easily print both leaflet and forms yourself and present them to patients.

Also available in other languages
This Volgjezorg leaflet is also available as a leaflet in:

  • Arabic
  • English
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Turkish

The leaflets have a simple layout and are easy to print. Just like the leaflets, the consent forms are also available in these languages. The layout and order of the fields is the same for all forms. This way, you can also use a form in a foreign language to know which data has been entered where.

Sleutelnet is happy to support you in the implementation of the LSP within your practice. For more information, please contact Sandra van der Geer:
E: svandergeer@sleutelnet.nl
T: 071 – 514 01 40
W: www.sleutelnet.nl

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