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LSP news November 2019

LSP news November 2019

Medication data

In In the week of 4 November, the national manager of the LSP, VZVZ, issued a Information letter sent to all GP practices. This letter attention has been drawn to the function in the LSP with which the current medication and ICA data of patients can be requested within the practice. At the letter you will find an information card for your HIS explaining how to request medication data in your information system. We point out to you, in addition to the letter from VZVZ, please refer to this function, because requesting medication data is considered useful by many general practitioners during a consultation. and can increase medication safety. Want to read more? In the previous SHR Newsletter we explained the importance of this feature.

Information Available in multiple languages

If you have patients in your practice who are not Dutch-speaking, it may be possible to information leaflets in different languages in the waiting room. lying around. In this way, you can also properly inform these patients about the LSP and then ask them for permission. The leaflets are available in Arabic, English, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish.

Not only the information leaflets of VZVZ are available in several languages, they are also suitable for people with low literacy levels. VZVZ and the ABC foundation have leaflets were tested for legibility together with a panel of people with low literacy levels.

Both the information leaflets and the consent forms can be ordered free of charge via the VZVZ webshop, or easily downloaded from the website. If you wish, you can even put the logo of your practice in the brochure.

State of play in the region

At present, 47% of the professional summaries in the Leiden region available via the LSP. In the The map below shows the opt-in percentages per municipality. The table next to the card shows the percentage change in the number of opt-ins between July and November of 2019 again.

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