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LSP news

Promotion Volgjezorg
Last year, the VZVZ, the administrator of the LSP, conducted a citizen campaign under the name of Volgjezorg. Through www.volgjezorg.nl, patients can give online consent to share their most important medical data via the LSP. VZVZ has now arrived at a new phase of this campaign, the online campaign, in which the activation of the citizen is central. From now until the summer, messages about Volgjezorg can appear on online platforms, such as news websites, media sites and Facebook. Click here for more information about the campaign. It is important for you to be aware of this, because there is a good chance that (even more) patients will give permission for your practice online. Our advice is to inform your patients well about the LSP. You can order information material free of charge via the VZVZ webshop.

Fastest risers
The table below shows the 15 GPs and GP practices that have experienced the greatest growth in terms of the percentage of registered patient records over the past 10 weeks.

Are you curious about your opt-in mode, or do you have other questions about the LSP? Please contact Leonieke van Willigen of Sleutelnet via lvanwilligen@sleutelnet.nl or via 071-5140130.

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