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Message at the request of the GGD Hollands Midden:Covid vaccination for people who do not live at home

Last week you received a letter from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) about registering people who are not mobile living at home for vaccination at home. This concerns the booster, but also any1st,2nd and3rd vaccinations. On 30 November, a letter was sent with substantive information.

There are 2 options for this round of vaccination of people living at home:

  1. Primary: A GGD team visits to vaccinate. In that case, the GP must register the patient via http://www.vaccinatie-nietmobielethuiswonenden.nl/
  2. Alternative: The GP vaccinates and registers himself

In order to be able to properly organise the planning of all vaccinations by the Mobile Teams of the GGD in the coming period, it is desirable to register the Non-Mobile People living at home as soon as possible.

This concerns all patients aged 18 and over who are unable to come to a vaccination site. So even 60- can already be registered via http://www.vaccinatie-nietmobielethuiswonenden.nl/.  

If, despite the reports of the RIVM, there are any questions about the vaccinations for Non-Mobile People Living at Home, please contact the NBTW Coordinator of GGD Hollands Midden, Eline Zeedijk,
on 06 422 33 822.

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