Life threatening situation? Always call 112

Working method HAP/GP care during ANW hours

by Thomas Knol – medical manager

As a result of a recent incident, we would like to draw your attention to the following: Be alert to the fact that it is not always clear to foreign patients how GP care is arranged in the Netherlands. What is self-evident to us may be less clear to them.

Recently, a foreign patient was advised by telephone (due to long-standing diplopia) to contact a GP practice the next day. This was omitted because this patient does not have his own GP.

A few days later, the patient was assessed at the out-of-hours GP service, but was again advised to go to a GP practice the next working day. It had not been made sufficiently clear to that patient (in his own words) that there was indeed an urgent situation. But that some complaints can only be treated/dealt with by day care. . The patient had expected to be referred to the emergency department in the event of an urgent situation. It was not sufficiently clear that many examinations are simply not possible during ANW hours, but go through the outpatient clinic during the day.

Incidentally, after consultation with a specialist, referrals can be made to the outpatient clinic during ANW hours. In that case, give a printed referral to the patient with the telephone number of the outpatient clinic so that they can make an appointment the next working day.

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