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New game trains GPs and triage nurses to make faster decisions in emergency care

Patient in the right place faster

by Mathilda Boer – Training Coordinator and Quality Officer

Fast, accurate and safe decisions at the out-of-hours GP service and in the event of an emergency in the day practice ensure that patients receive the right (emergency) care as quickly as possible. As a result, the flow throughout the entire care chain can be more efficient. From 15 March, GPs and triage nurses (and interested parties) will be able to improve themselves with Triagegame.nl in this assessment and decision process (triage). Triagegame.nl is an initiative of Boukje van Dijk of the Radboudumc, and has been developed in collaboration with general practitioners, triage nurses and the specialist in emergency care education Schola Medica. The first-line trade association InEen embraces the game and offers it to all members.

Triagegame.nl is the first web-based training game within emergency care. It is intended for every general practitioner and triage nurse who wants to understand or improve the triage process. The game is based on the Dutch Triage Standard (NTS). In the game, you will learn in a playful way and in a real-life setting how triage works, which fixed criteria are discussed and what potential pitfalls are.

In the game, you will work as a triage nurse and you will be taken along in the thinking and decision-making process of the triagist. You receive a call from a patient with a request for help and ask a number of questions (triage) to quickly determine with what urgency and by which healthcare provider the patient should be seen (or not). At the end of the interview you will see the ‘score’; Have you asked the right questions and taken the right follow-up actions?

The total game lasts about 60 minutes and can be played over and over again. You can play the game on 3 levels with four patients on each level. Stopping in between is also no problem, the game “remembers” where you left off on the same device.

For more information, see the Radboudumc website and start the game here

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