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No more business notes with visitors

by the management of De LIMES

It still happens regularly that if a visit is made, the assistant / triage nurse is asked in advance to print out a visit slip and give it to you. It has already been decided in the past that no letter of visit may be given. With this message we want to draw attention to this working agreement again and indicate that from now on we will adhere to it more strictly.

The visiting cars have a laptop that can and must be logged in by the visiting doctor, so that the complete and up-to-date patient data is transparent. In order to work as safely as possible, the laptop is supposed to be taken inside to the patient’s place of residence. Previously, a method of working Laptop in the official car CLICK HERE has been created.

Reasons not to work with the business cards:

  • Safety:
    • The most up-to-date patient information is transparent.
    • LSP can be consulted. It has happened that a medicine has been given to the patient or left behind and it was later found out when filling in the mail that there was an allergy notification in the file for that medicine.
    • If there is a second call, the employees at the HAP also know what is going on, what has been agreed. Which medication may have been prescribed and this prescription can be sent directly to the pharmacy.  
  • GDPR: business notes can be lost or left in the car. It has happened that patient information from a few days ago was found behind the sun visor.

Since we assume that everyone has safety first, we also expect the cooperation of everyone at this working appointment.

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