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Patient experience survey started November 21

by Annechien van Roosmalen – on behalf of the project group

We strive for optimal and safe care. And in order to find out where we can further improve our care, a survey among patients has been launched on Monday 21 November. The opinion and experience of patients is important to us. You can read how we do this here.

We conduct the examination by sending a text message to the patient and there are cards that are given to the patient. The patients who contact us by phone will be informed in advance about the study via the wristband. In this way, the patient is already informed and the burden on our employees is minimized.

What does it mean for the triage nurses?
On the wristband, the patient is asked to indicate to the triage nurse if they do not wish to participate in the study. If they do not indicate this, a text message can be sent from Vcare. The work instructions are available at the workplaces at the HAP.

What does it mean for the doctor’s assistants?
They proactively give the cards with QR code to the questionnaire to the self-referrers. The tickets are also available at the counters and in the waiting rooms.

What does it mean for our drivers who accompany us on home visits?
Drivers were asked to leave the cards with QR code to the questionnaire after a visit to the patient.

Research with a smile ?
To bring participation in the study to the attention of the employees of the primary process, there is a nice gift at all three posts. The research has been outsourced to Qualizorg, an independent research agency. We do not share any personal data of our patients with this agency. The survey will take 4 to 6 weeks to complete, depending on the number of respondents. Do you have any questions? Please contact Mathilda Boer Mathilda.Boer@hpdelimes.nl

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