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Pre-announcement of after-school training in Tanzania

by Milja Egmond – Matthijsen – member of the cooperative board

Following the great success of the Malawi 2019 refresher course, Tanzania is now available!
From March 25, 2023 to April 2, 2023, a refresher course will be organized for general practitioners from the region in collaboration with specialists from the Alrijne hospital.
The theme of this refresher course is “taking care of the future together”: how do we keep healthcare manageable and affordable in our region with the expected increase in demand for care?

Various specialisms will be discussed and a common goal in addition to further training will be to see where we can find the connection with each other.
And where better to get to know each other, network and brainstorm than in the beautiful nature of Tanzania. Have a drink on the edge of the Serengeti. In addition, this is the ultimate opportunity to get acquainted with medical care in Africa. We will visit a number of smaller and larger hospitals and Dutch tropical doctors will also take us along in their (medical) adventures.

Through our continuing education, we will also give attention and financial support to these dedicated tropical doctors sent out by the Tweega Medica foundation. We hope that you will register enthusiastically.

The organizing committee;
Lennard Hiltermann (General practitioner in Delden, Tweega Medica foundation)
Milja Matthijsen (general practitioner , Oegstgeest )
Rogier van Geldre (general practitioner, Oegstgeest)
Jojan Froeling (general practitioner)
Rolf de vriend (general practitioner , Warmond )
Eveline Schell-Feith ( paediatrician , Alrijne)
Maarten Verschure (sports physician Alrijne)
Support by Emely Verdel 06-34944220 / emelyverdel@gmail.com

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