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Reception of asylum seekers in Power City church Leiderdorp

by Annechien van Roosmalen – Communications Advisor

To relieve the pressure on the registration centre for asylum seekers in Ter Apel, our region is also helping. The Power City church building at Elisabethhof 5 has been designated as a shelter for 100 asylum seekers. The first asylum seekers arrived in mid-October and will stay until February 2023.

Crisis emergency shelter
The Power City church building has been prepared for the crisis emergency shelter. Screens are placed to create separate areas for people. A shower unit will also be installed that can be reached from the church. The municipality of Leiderdorp has made an empty building available, as has been done in Leiden for the reception of Ukrainians. The experiences at other reception locations in the region (Waddinxveen, Zevenhuizen and 3 Oktoberhal in Leiden) are positive.

Daytime activities
Daytime activities are arranged for the asylum seekers so that they do not get bored. This consists of sports and games, language lessons, outings, games and watching television (sports). Incluzio is involved in this.

Medical care
When asylum seekers need medical care, this is done through the GGD/GP. If necessary, they will provide a referral to the hospital. Alrijne has made arrangements about this: if they do come to the hospital themselves, they will be referred back to the location manager of the reception location.

A location manager and 2 or 3 security guards are present 24 hours a day at the crisis reception location. The asylum seekers must comply with the established house rules. These rules state, among other things, that the hospital (grounds) are forbidden access.

What does this mean for the out-of-hours GP service?
The HAP only provides the necessary emergency care during ANW. During the day, care is arranged by the COA. There is no separate scheme for this group, but the standard scheme that we use for uninsured asylum seekers. The patient is entered without a BSN and declared as an asylum seeker.

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