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Repetition: Correct information Huisartsenposten De LIMES on practice websites

by Corline de Groot – Board Secretary

A number of websites of day practices still mention the old name of our GP posts (SHR or DDDB) and/or a reference to the Emergency Post in Leiden. We ask the practice owners to update their own website and to refer to the new name of our GP out-of-hours clinics and the correct location with the corresponding telephone number.

Banners GP Posts The LIMES

For day practices that still want to place a banner of the out-of-hours GP service on their website: Your web administrator can copy the coding of the banner via: https://temporary.mindd.dev/banners/.

GP surgeries De LIMES
Location Alphen a/d Rijn
Meteoorlaan 4
2402 WC, Alphen aan den Rijn
T 088 427 47 00

GP surgeries De LIMES
Location Leiderdorp
Simon Smitweg 2
2353 GA Leiderdorp
T 088 427 47 00

GP surgeries De LIMES
Location Voorhout
Rijnsburgerweg 4b
2215 RA, Voorhout
T 0252 – 240 212

The request to the practice owner to also state on the website that the patient, when calling the GP posts, keeps a valid proof of identity (ID card, passport or driver’s license) at hand with the BSN number on it. Recently, the patient can enter the BSN number in the selection menu. This promotes the speed of triaging the demand for care.




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