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Results of the patient experience study HP De LIMES

by Mathilda Boer – quality officer and Corline de Groot – board secretary

In the period from 21 November 2022 to 11 January 2023, a triennial patient experience survey was conducted. The research was outsourced to Qualizorg BV (Qualiview) in Deventer to guarantee its independence.

The following methods were used: SMS survey (from the Vcare telephony system) by means of a generic URL, cards with QR code (available in waiting rooms and visiting cars) and a link on the www.huisartsenpostendelimes.nl website.

Results in a nutshell:

Telephone triage
A total of 173 patients, who contacted one of the triage centres in Voorhout or Leiderdorp by telephone, gave their opinion. Of these, 80 patients were actually seen at a HAP location in Alphen aan den Rijn, Leiderdorp or Voorhout. Of the respondents, 93% (n=161) indicated that the contact with the GP out-of-hours clinics had met their expectations. Twelve respondents disagreed with this statement. There are no significant differences in respondents’ experience between the different HAP locations.

If a patient had not been seen at a GP post, the vast majority felt that they had been sufficiently helped over the phone. 162 respondents out of 167 gave the triage nurses a score between 7 and 10 (on a scale of 1-10), of which no fewer than 151 patients rated the triage nurse with an 8 to 10 (average 9.0).

67 of the 71 respondents give the GP a score between 7 and 10 (on a scale of 1-10), of which no fewer than 60 patients rate the GP with an 8 to 10 (average 8.5).

A small group of respondents (n=11) completed the questionnaire regarding their experience with the visiting team. 91% were satisfied with the good cooperation between the GP and the driver.

Of the respondents, 113 answered a number of questions about the organisation of the out-of-hours GP service. 62% know what to do if they are not satisfied or want to report a complaint. 92% know that the information about the contact with the out-of-hours GP service is passed on to their own GP. 35% first consulted the website for advice on whether you should see your GP. 92% of the respondents found the HAP’s phone number easily.

Finally, HP De LIMES received a score between 7-10 from 98% of the respondents (an average of 8.5).

Most notable comments from respondents:

  1. Mostly very positive feedback about the friendly and expert treatment by the triage nurses on the phone;
  2. The patients, who have been seen at a HAP location, are mostly positive about the level of expertise and the time the GP took for careful examination. The less positive feedback relates to not taking a child’s complaints seriously;
  3. It’s nice to be able to share medical photos;
  4. Clearer reference to HP De LIMES GPs affiliated with practice websites;       
  5. Less than half of the respondents do not know what to do if they are dissatisfied and want to file a complaint.  

Management will implement improvements where possible and meaningful.  

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