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In the autumn of 2022, the healthcare sector, insurers and the government jointly established with the IZA that things need to change in healthcare. With the triple ageing of the population (ageing citizens, informal carers and staff), the current form of care provision is no longer sustainable. The current situation that 1 in 6 Dutch people works in healthcare would then grow to 1 in 4: that is impossible. That is why real change is now being made: by working together more instead of competing. Care coordination is 1 of the themes: coordinating that a patient is in the right place faster (also known as Right care in the right place; JZOJP).

We participate in a regional project Care Coordination. Together with parties such as the Ambulance Service Control Room, District Nursing and Mental Health Care. We focus on the part of the patients who do not immediately come to the right place and which therefore costs an unnecessary amount of valuable time. We try to make it very concrete in which situations we can organize things differently. This includes, for example:

  • Extended opening hours for acute district nursing (in our region we have the ReBOZ, but for the time being that is only at night).
  • Concrete situations in which the out-of-hours GP service can use Acute District Nursing instead of a visit to the GP after triage. We will first work out 4 situations: falls, catheter, nosebleeds, diabetes dysregulated.
  • More availability of mental health care: on 18 September there was a meeting with GGZ Rivierduinen, RAVHM, Huisartsenposten De LIMES and Huisartsenpost Midden Holland to take concrete steps. The POH GGZ Spoed, which is available on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays for the GP posts, is already a good example.
  • Coordination between the out-of-hours GP service and the ambulance service about the interfaces. A new Covenant has been drawn up with improved agreements on who can be deployed and when: information on what this entails will follow shortly.

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