Life threatening situation? Always call 112

The BOT team in the spotlight

by Mathilda Boer – coordinator BOT-team

While working at the out-of-hours GP service, you as an employee may be confronted with shocking, sometimes traumatic events. You can think of a resuscitation, an (unexpected) death or you have to deal with any form of aggression. A shocking event always comes suddenly and unexpectedly, and can evoke feelings of powerlessness, fear and anger, among other things. The support of colleagues and one’s own immediate environment is usually the best fit for the needs of an affected employee and is crucial for the start of the coping process.

To this end, the LIMES has a Company Reception Team (BOT) consisting of general practitioners and triage nurses. The BOT members take care of colleagues who have experienced a shocking event, in order to limit the consequential damage for those involved. Usually, the reports come in via the evaluation form or via the team leader. It is therefore important that shocking events are always mentioned on the End of Shift Evaluation form.

Don’t hesitate to approach the BOT team yourself if you have experienced a situation that is experienced as shocking to you! The conversations are strictly confidential and will not be fed back to others. You can reach us at 088-4274781 or BOT@hpdelimes.nl

At the moment, we are working hard to revise the protocol, the BOT team is being trained and a new leaflet is in the making. To strengthen our team, we are still looking for an extra GP (Voorhout location) and an extra triagist/doctor’s assistant/physician assistant (Leiderdorp & Alphen a/d Rijn location). Do you want to contribute to peer support and are you a good listener? Please contact Mathilda Boer, BOT coordinator. Or contact us at 088-4274781. On behalf of the BOT team – welcome!

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