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The Regional Investigative Committee is looking for 2 triage nurses

By Editorial

Since 2018, the LIMES GP Posts have had a Committee of Inquiry into incidents and calamities. This committee consists of four general practitioners and four triage nurses, 2 case managers and an independent external chairman.  For each investigation into a possible calamity, a committee of 1 general practitioner, 1 triagist, 1 case manager and the chairman is deployed. On average, 10 investigations are carried out per year, less than half of which actually lead to a mandatory report to the Inspectorate. To expand the committee, we are looking for one or two triage nurses from the Leiderdorp / Alphen posts. This is in order to achieve as much equal participation as possible from all posts.

As a triage nurse of the research committee, you will delve into the source information such as the observation message, the call recordings, medical information of the patient in question, reflection reports of the triage nurses involved in the case and you will receive training in the BFA (Barrier Failure Analysis) research method. You can listen carefully, but you can also ask questions. With this baggage, you will be able to make a clear, objective and critical reconstruction and you will handle confidential information with integrity and tact. You are flexible in terms of time once a research project has started. Each study will take you an average of 5 to 6 hours. You will investigate about three cases per year. The condition for each study is that you, as a committee member, have no involvement whatsoever in the event to be investigated. Are you interested? Then you can request more information from committee member and triage nurse Yvonne Jansen Yvonne.Jansen@hpdelimes.nl or Anneke van Polanen Anneke.van.Polanen@hpdelimes.nl or you can contact 1 of the case managers Mathilda Boer 06-302 902 59.

It is the task of the calamity committee to investigate a reported calamity, to analyse it to the root causes, to make suggestions for improvement to management. A report of the investigation, drawn up by the case manager, chairman and management, will be sent to the Health Care Inspectorate (IGJ) within 8 weeks of the report of the calamity.

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