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The use of Zorgdomein within De LIMES

by Ulf Arndt – Medical Manager

There are three important issues that require urgent attention with regard to the use of Zorgdomein.

  • Once again, I would like to urge everyone not to send referrals to specialists, VVTs, mental health care, etc. via Zorgdomein. These referrals do not come to the right place during ANW hours. As a result, confusion arises during normal working hours about what should be done with such a referral. Referrals to specialists are made via the direct HAP-HIX link. The electronic referral letter drawn up in this way contains the information required for acute care and arrives at the right place, namely the emergency department, at the right time.
  • To request X-rays at the Alrijne hospital, Zorgdomein must be used. But here too, only the choice of the right “product” will arrive at the right place.  At the moment, the drop-down menu states the following:

Directly to diagnostics
o HAP (until 22:00 hrs) Alrijne Hospital location Leiderdorp
o X-ray upper extremities LUMC (Leiden)location Leiden
o X-ray upper extremities Alrijne Hospital location Leiderdorp
o X-ray lower extremities Alrijne Hospital location Leiderdorp
o X-ray lower extremities LUMC (Leiden) location Leiden

The right choice for the Alrijne Hospital is the first: HAP (until 22:00) Alrijne                         Hospital location Leiderdorp. All other requests are either for the LUMC or for the radiology department during office hours!!

The text HAP (until 22:00) was chosen for Alrijne Hospital, location Leiderdorp , with the idea that this would  mean a clear choice for the GP post for everyone. We are in consultation to make this a little clearer by adjusting the text to, for example: “EMERGENCY GP post X-ray (until 22:00)”. Everyone should be able to see clearly that this is an urgent application, concerns the out-of-hours GP service and that the applications only go through this route until 22:00. After 22:00, as always, applications must go through the emergency department of the Alrijne Hospital.

  • Requesting an X-ray on paper greatly disrupts the radiology work process. From now on, they will also contact the referring post where the GP is currently working with the request to make the application electronically via Zorgdomein.

In summary: no more referrals to specialists, etc. via Zorgdomein, no more paper X-ray requests or referrals and finally making the right choice for requesting photos at the Alrijne Hospital.

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